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Bike Fitting Guide


How to do a Mountain Bike Fitting

In helping customers find the right frame size most shops that sell bikes do a good job. By taking a peek at the manufacturer's website or catalogue one can usually double check it. Usually there is range for every frame size. One can fit the bike to their liking because there are no specific body measurements. To get the perfect fit therefore is up to the person who owns the bike. By sitting on the bike with someone holding on to them, one get a good idea of what fits them. One can do a fitting by themselves but some bike shops offer it a cost.


What one needs to know before they spend on a bikes time trial bike fitting sacramento are the things that need to be changed on the bike. Getting the right frame size is paramount. To get the right size one can use a sizing chart and it is advised that one tests it before purchasing the bike. Comfortable is the right size and it should not be too high to make someone feel overstretched or too low such that one feels cramped. It should allow someone to place the feet flat on the ground when they dismount. On changing the handlebar width one should focus. The width of the handlebar can be determined by the specific body type of the rider. Benefits that a wider bar has are like allowing more steering torque and slow steering down. Also, it makes it easier to breathe since it encourages one to open up their chest wider when huffing up a hill.


The stem length can be changed too especially by riders with a disproportionate leg to torso size. Because shortening the stem moves the rider towards the center and adds a curvature to the back which leads to a more upright ride one should consider it. Once one has the right frame size they should set the seat post and setback. If the seat can't be adjusted far enough by a person what they may need to do is to change the seat post offset. The other thing one should try bicycle fitting sacramento is the handlebar height and make sure that they are not too high or too low. By getting a comfortable back angle and a natural feel to look ahead without straining the neck this helps. One can also consider changing the crank arm length too. considering the points that the body comes into contact with the bike too one should. The handlebar grips being the first, then the saddle and pedals. Making sure that these three places are comfortable one should. The handlebars should not have friction when holding on to.